This Moti-Start portable supportive seat is ideal for babies and children who need extra postural support.

The perfect supportive chair for children and babies who need extra postural support.

Designed for infants and young children, it enables them to sit up, make eye contact and join in with their families.

The seating is easy to adjust as the child grows. It offers eight tilt positions, a moveable head rest and a tray that can be easily removed when not in use.

To ensure comfort and safety, Motivation's Moti-Start has padding, a contoured head rest and straps.

A carry handle, a front 'tow' strap and small rear wheels allow parents and caregivers to easily move the seat when the child is not in it.

The chair can be used indoors or outdoors, but is designed for use on a large flat surface - whether that's in the home, at school or on a family visit. 

While not in use, this lightweight chair can be folded easily for storage and transportation.

As with all Motivation's products, the Moti-Start is adjustable for a custom fit.

Designed with Motivation’s expert technicians, the Moti-Start is durable for at least three years of service during normal use, providing it is appropriately maintained.


Key features

Suitable for young children from approximately 6 months to 2
years of age, depending on body measurements

Choice of eight positions from vertical backrest

Quick and easy to adjust

Removable, height adjustable tray for play time and meal times

Can be used at home or easily transported

Allows individual modification to postural support components

Supplied with shoulder, pelvis and ankle straps

A towing strap and small rear wheels allow short distance mobility

User tool kit included, with hand tools for basic care and maintenance.


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