A supportive seat that is ideal for early intervention...

Many of the children that we come into contact with have conditions that mean they cannot hold their own body weight or sit up, let alone walk. It is not uncommon to hear about children who have been quite literally left to lie on the floor, while life continues around them. As well as being detrimental for their health, wellbeing and future postural development, this highlights the wider issue of a lack of dignity and respect for these children who deserve better.

Our Moti Start is the perfect first step in giving these children the practical support they require, enabling them to sit up and make eye contact with their parents, many for the first time. And the impact is immediate.

A seat for all occasions

The Moti Start comes with a removable tray, which really helps at mealtimes and for encouraging play activities, as can be seen in the banner photo above. The seat also comes with additional padding and comfortable straps, which mean that parents and carers of children like John (below) don't have to worry about the safety and posture of their child. The seat adjusts as a young child grows and crucially the angle of the seat can tilt and change position depending on the time of day, meaning it can be used for eating, resting and playing.  

Meet John...

John has cerebral palsy and thanks to his new Motivation wheelchair and supportive seat, he can finally sit upright and engage with the world around him. We first met John in Uganda, when he was three. Without an appropriate wheelchair children like him are often isolated – left to lie in family huts, unsupported. They're vulnerable to spinal deformities, breathing and circulation problems, and life threatening pressure ulcers or urinary infections.

Today John is smiling and learning to communicate with his family – critical for any child's development. That's the difference our wheelchairs can make.

Learn more about the Moti Start supportive seat here. You can call us on 01179 660 398 or contact us below to talk to a member of our team for advice. 

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