Adaptable and durable - ideal for a wide variety of wheelchair sports

Kids silver sports wheelchair with toe guard and a red adult sports wheelchair with toe guard on a white backgroundThe Multisport wheelchair is the perfect entry-level sports wheelchair for children and adults. It is ideal for individuals, clubs, schools or universities, sports federations and community projects.

Durable and hard-wearing, the Multisport is designed to endure rigorous use by multiple people across variety of sports and activities – from wheelchair basketball to wheelchair tennis.  

It is easy to adjust and feels safe for new users, but allows for fast-paced competition across different terrains and environments.  

The removable toe guard (or bumper) makes it flexible for semi-contact or non-contact sports and activities. 

The Adult model comes in four seat widths. Each size is colour-coded, making it easy for users and coaches to quickly select their favourite wheelchair at the start of a session.  

Junior model available for active children needing a safe, quick kids wheelchair for sports! 

Like all Motivation wheelchairs, the Multisport is low-cost, easy to assemble and inexpensive to maintain.

The Multisport is suitable for wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis, para badminton, wheelchair cricket, kabaddi, para dance, wheelchair softball and basketball, wheelchair touch rugby and rugby sevens, unihockey and all wheelchair Frisbee sports.

Key features

Anti-tip wheel for added safety and confidence

High pressure 15 degree camber rear wheels

Brushed aluminium push rims for easy propulsion

Hardwearing frame, colour-coded by size

Lap, hip, knee, ankle and foot Velcro straps included

Adjustable backrest and footrest height for better fit

Quick release wheels allow easy storage and transportation

Comes with maintenance toolkit

Supplied with a comfort foam cushion


List of downloadable manuals and product guides

Did you know that the Multisport wheelchair was designed according to the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation regulations and alongside the International Tennis Federation? 

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Downloadable manuals and product guides

Assembly Manual - all models

Adult model

User Manual

Part Guide

Full Product Summary

Junior model

User Manual

Part Guide

Full Product Summary

The Multisport is easy to assemble:

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