Motivation is delighted to be named winner of The Whitehouse Consultancy’s 2019 pro bono scheme.

Today Motivation International has been announced as the winner of The Whitehouse Consultancy’s pro bono scheme for 2019.

The Whitehouse Consultancy is an award-winning issues-led communications agency with decades of experience in public affairs, press and media relations, stakeholder engagement, crisis communications and training.

They support organisations to achieve long-term business and policy objectives through campaigns that influence public opinion, influence policy, legislation and regulations and build support among key opinion formers and decision makers. They have offices in London and Brussels covering communication needs at the local, national and European level.

As an influential charity in the global wheelchair sector, Motivation exists to increase and improve access to appropriate wheelchairs and services for disabled people in developing countries. Through our programmes and our social enterprise we strive to improve product options and service quality available, and we influence others to do the same. We advocate for disability rights and work with partners to ensure that disabled people are included within the international political agenda to ensure that nobody is left behind.

We look forward to working with the experts at The Whitehouse Consultancy to push forward these objectives.

David Constantine MBE, Founder Director of Motivation, said:

Eighty per cent of disabled people live in developing countries where access to healthcare is limited and extreme poverty is almost impossible to escape. We know that appropriate assistive technology and rehabilitation can change lives.

We are thrilled to have been chosen by The Whitehouse Consultancy for their 2019 pro bono scheme. We’re looking forward to benefitting from their expertise in furthering our influence on government and political actors, and effectively advocating for disabled people across the world, so that nobody is left behind.

Chris Whitehouse, Chairman of The Whitehouse Consultancy, said:

We are delighted that Motivation has won the Whitehouse 2019 pro bono scheme and we are very much look forward to working with them in the coming months.  

Motivation’s goal to provide disabled people in developing countries with a better quality of life is important work that we are proud to be supporting.

The Whitehouse Consultancy relaunched its pro bono scheme in June, offering organisations aiming to make a real and constructive difference to society the opportunity to contribute to the development of political policy, in which they might not otherwise participate.

After advancing through the first round and being invited to give a presentation on their suitability for the scheme and plans for the future, we were chosen by their team as the winners.

Motivation will now benefit from three months of support to build stakeholder engagement and public affairs profile.

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