Nolia and her dad, Kalimo, live in Malawi. They recently attended Motivation's Parent and Carer Training. This is their story.

This is Nolia. She is 12 years old and lives in Malawi with her parents and four siblings. At a very young age, Nolia was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Her father, Kalimo, told us their story:

“When Nolia was born she was always crying. She did not develop well. As she got older, she could not sit up.  We did not know how to look after her. And we could not work on the farm because we had to look after her. But we knew we were keeping her.

“People in the village would laugh at us and Nolia. They asked us why we bore such a child.  The other children could not play with Nolia.”

But the story doesn’t end there… Nolia’s parents joined our Parent and Carer Training and were given a wheelchair for their daughter by Motivation and our partners.

“The training has given us great hope that our child’s development can continue.  We feel happy to have learnt how to support our child and are now able to teach her skills like eating and sitting."

“The wheelchair enabled us to take Nolia anywhere we want – for example, to the church or the garden. Now Nolia is getting to play with her friends and stigma [in the community] has lessened.

“In the future, we would love to see our girl being self-reliant. We wish that she will get an education and learn to walk.”

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