Robust. Affordable. Repairable. Adjustable. And most importantly, fitted.

Improving quality of life

"I believe that good design is all about improving people's quality of life," David Constantine, Motivation co-founder says.

"For me, thoughtful design and engineering has enabled me to travel, go to work and be independent. I think everyone should have that opportunity - no matter where they are in the world."

The right wheelchair can make all the difference; it can give freedom, mobility and independence.

So our wheelchairs are designed to be tough enough to cope with the challenging terrain found in many developing countries.

They are also made from materials that are low-cost and easily maintained; if parts need replacing or fixing, they can be repaired by a local technician.

It's these thoughtful design features that mean a wheelchair can really have a lasting impact on a person's quality of life. 

Crucially, all of our everyday wheelchairs and supportive seats are fully adjustable so they can be individually fitted to somebody's body shape. This is essential for true mobility, and a key recommendation of the World Health Organization guidelines, which we helped to develop.

Affordable doesn't have to mean ugly. We want people to feel dignified, confident and proud in their Motivation wheelchairs.

Pushing mainstream change

Twenty six years after our first wheelchair was made, Motivation's work has been described as "innovation pushing mainstream change".

We continue to strive for better design solutions that help us achieve our ultimate goal - a world in which disabled people are fully included in all aspects of life.

It's an exciting time. Our next challenge is to capitalise on advancements made in materials, technologies and manufacturing - 3D printing, for example.

Find out how you can Invest in Innovation and support us on this new phase of our journey.

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Harrison's story

When Harrison was nineteen, he was in a car accident that left him paralysed.

The hospital discharged him with a wheelchair that was poorly fitted and became painful after just one hour of use. It was not suitable for the uneven ground in his family home or wider community, and he found it very difficult to move around.

Isolated from his friends and family, he became depressed and thought about ending his life.

Then, he met Nancy from Motivation and received his Rough Terrain wheelchair. His life changed forever.

The three-wheel design of Motivation's Rough Terrain wheelchair was born with uneven ground in mind. It provides stability and easy propulsion in difficult terrains and is robust, fast and comfortable to sit in.

He began to move around on his own with ease, and started using public transport shortly after he received his chair. With his mobility, confidence and independence restored, he is now concentrating on the future.

My family couldn't understand how much my life changed... I am very thankful to Motivation.

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 Photo © Matt Grayson