"When I got my first wheelchair, it gave me the opportunity to learn. Before, I couldn't see the environment around me. With the wheelchair, everything is visible". 

Impact can be immediate but it should never be temporary

When Porimol was a child, we saw him sit up straight and make eye contact for the first time. This was because he was seated in his brand new Motivation wheelchair. At that moment, we knew we had made an immediate and practical impact.

But we knew that, unless Porimol and his family developed the confidence to challenge discrimination, our job was not complete.

That’s why Motivation takes a holistic approach and delivers projects that go beyond the provision of wheelchairs. In order to fully transform our beneficiaries' lives, we must also focus on health, confidence and inclusion.

Seventeen years after we first met Porimol, he runs his own grocery shop. He is financially independent and valued by his community.

Last year we had a direct impact on the lives of more than 19,000 people. 

And others agree that our practical approach really does work. Since 2013, we have been awarded the Bond International Development Award, the Guardian’s International Development Achievement Award and the London Design Medal for our work supporting disabled people.

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