"As a wheelchair user myself, thoughtful design has enabled me to work, travel and be independent. I think everyone should have that opportunity - no matter where they are in the world."

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We would like to say a huge thank you to the talented team of publishing students at Bath Spa University who very kindly helped us put together this fantastic eBook. Click on the photo of Santos above to learn more about our journey.

Where Motivation came from

In 1989, two Royal College of Art design students - David Constantine and Simon Gue - entered a competition to design a wheelchair suitable for use in developing countries.

Robust enough to cope with rough terrain and made from local and affordable materials, their prototype won.

The pair used their prize money to travel to Bangladesh where, along with their friend Richard Frost, they built their wheelchair for a disability organisation in Dhaka. Seeing how an appropriate wheelchair could transform lives so quickly, they needed little convincing when they were asked to help increase production.

In 1991, the team raised funds, started their first wheelchair workshop and set up Motivation.

Raising the bar

In 2008, Motivation worked alongside the World Health Organization (WHO) to publish the 'Guidelines on the provision of Manual Wheelchairs in less resourced settings'. Aimed at driving up standards across the sector, these guidelines ensure that people don't just get any wheelchair, they get the right wheelchair, in the right way - essential for health and mobility. We are very proud to have played such as instrumental role in their development.

As well as providing WHO training for wheelchair services, Motivation now produces a whole range of high-quality wheelchairs, trikes and supportive seats for use in developing countries.

We’re also proud to play a part in making sport accessible to all. In 2011, the International Paralympic Committee asked us to design a new low-cost racing wheelchair to launch at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. This ‘Flying Start’ wheelchair, along with our other sports products, has helped to open up the world of sport to thousands of people around the world.

We're 26 years old

26 years on from our first project in Bangladesh, Motivation has touched the lives of disabled people in 120 countries around the globe.

While we’ve grown as an organisation, our values remain the same.

We’re committed to giving disabled people the products and support they need to live happy, healthy and independent lives. We’ve come a long way, but we’ve still got a long way to go.

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