Tyre pump


Stocking filler! An everyday essential. Read more

Hand grips


Stocking filler! For a clip-on trike. Read more



Stocking filler! An absolute must-have for someone starting up a new livelihood. Read more

Nuts and bolts


For an entire wheelchair. Read more

Life-saving cushion


Vital for relieving pressure and preventing dangerous sores. Read more

Kids crutches


Make school, travel and play easier for a disabled child by getting them up on their feet. Read more



An essential way to keep earnings safe for someone with a new business. Read more

Parent carer training


Our choice! This vital training helps families to better understand their children's disabilities. Read more

Pair of wheels


Our choice! Set a wheelchair in motion. Read more

Adjustable backrest


Postural support and comfort that can be tailored to fit. Read more

Wheelchair fitting


Our expert clinicians tailor and fit the right wheelchair for each individual, ensuring they are comfortable and healthy. Read more

Ramp for a school


A simple ramp that enables a child in a wheelchair to access the classroom. Read more

Sewing business kit


Gift set! This gift set includes a calculator, cashbox, fabric and haberdashery. Together, this will help a disabled person start their sewing business. Read more

Mobility skills training


This essential training gives new wheelchairs users the confidence they need to get out and about. Read more

Strong start set


Gift set! This gift set includes parent carer training and a ramp for a school, giving disabled children the best possible start in life. Read more