Tyre pump


Stocking filler! An everyday essential. Read more

Nuts and bolts


For an entire wheelchair. Read more

Parent and carer training


This vital training helps families to better understand their children's disabilities. Read more

Wheel for a Rough Terrain chair


Set a wheelchair in motion. Read more

A pair of chickens


A pair of chickens can help a disabled person start a business from home Read more

Wheelchair repair kit


Not only will you be purchasing a tool kit, but you'll also provide training to a local mechanic so they can repair wheelchairs in their community. Read more

Strong start set


Gift set! This gift set includes parent carer training and a ramp for a school, giving disabled children the best possible start in life. Read more

Wheels in motion pack


Gift set! This gift set includes a Motivation wheelchair, specialist fitting and a mobility skills training session. Read more

Wheelchair fitting


Our expert clinicians tailor and fit the right wheelchair for each individual, ensuring they are comfortable and healthy. Read more

Business start up kit


Gift set! This gift set could help a disabled person set up a new business. Read more



An essential way to keep earnings safe for someone with a new business. Read more

COVID-19 food kit


Help a family in need during the pandemic Read more

A designer for a day


The right wheelchair really is life-changing. This is why designing that chair is at the heart of what we do. Read more