Working in partnership means we can support even more disabled people and their communities.

Millions of people all over the world are in need of wheelchairs. We can’t meet this need alone. Motivation works with local, national and international partners to make sure that all disabled people can access quality wheelchairs and the services that provide them.

Whether we're working with a passionate local organisation to set up a new wheelchair service, or inspiring national governments to improve country-wide wheelchair provision, we see the strength in partnerships.

Global partners

Motivation is proud to be a member of international bodies that are jointly working towards better global provision of assistive technology. We contribute to the International Society of Wheelchair Professionals (ISWP), International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC), Bond and the AT2030 partnership.

We have been particularly proud to work with the World Health Organization (WHO) for many years. Together we have develop guidelines and training for professional wheelchair assessment, fitting and prescription.

We provide consultancy and training to many organisations in the world – from international charities, like World Vision and the International Committee of the Red Cross, to national governments.

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Project partners

Our programmes provide wheelchairs, training, advocacy and services to disabled people and their families across East Africa and Asia.

Every project is different and designed to tackle the unique challenges faced by the local community. Whether it’s job-seeking workshops, or healthcare and skills training, we combine tailored activities to offer independence and opportunity for vulnerable communities.

To make sure we understand local needs and the most useful solutions, we work with smaller organisations on the ground. From hospitals and charities to disabled people’s organisations, we partner with existing networks so that we can pass on our knowledge and expertise. That way we make a longer term, sustainable impact.

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Corporate partners

Working with businesses, funds and corporate organisations provides much more than just funding support. 

Our previous corporate partners have supported us to innovate and to expand our networks, so we can reach more people around the world.

From investment in 3D printing from, to employee volunteering in India with Adobe, organisations support us in a variety of ways and from diverse industries.  

Motivation is seeking partners who celebrate inclusivity and who are interested in making the world accessible for even more people. We believe that together we can enable greater independence and opportunity for disabled people around the world. 

Whether you're a small and medium enterprise or a large corporation, we would love to work with you. Get in touch with Samantha Braithwaite to learn more.

Product partners

Our product partners help us to make sure our wheelchairs can reach the most vulnerable people all over the world.

CLASP is a USAID-funded project implemented by UCP Wheels that increases access to quality, affordable mobility aids, and promotes appropriate provision globally. CLASP provides a solution to supply-side challenges faced by wheelchair service providers in less-resourced settings, including limited product variety, extensive lead time, and logistical burdens.

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