Our Supporter Care team will always be sensitive to signs that someone may be in vulnerable circumstances and may require support to make an informed decision.  

If we reasonably believe that an individual lacks the capacity to make an informed decision about donating to Motivation then we will not take the donation or will return a donation that has already been taken.  

An individual might be considered in vulnerable circumstances if they: 

  • A suffering from a physical or mental medical condition 
  • Experience learning difficulties 
  • Are going through a time of stress or anxiety (for example bereavement or redundancy) 
  • Are financially vulnerable (where a gift to Motivation may leave them in financial hardship) 
  • Do not speak English as a first language 
  • Are under the influence of drugs or alcohol

We never want to offend supporters, but the risk of taking a donation from someone who is unable to make an informed decision is more important than asking additional questions. If we suspect someone is experiencing vulnerable circumstances we will: 

  • Confirm that they really do want, and are able, to make the donation 
  • Ask if they would like to talk to anyone else before making a decision 
  • Suggest taking some more time to consider whether they would like to support us 
  • Suggest other ways of supporting our work without putting themselves in financial hardship 
  • Update our records with an appropriate note 
  • Send no further fundraising appeals to the supporter 
  • If the supporter is adamant they understand and still wish to donate, or it comes via post, we will accept the donation but in our response we will offer to refund the donation in case of error. We will monitor the situation in future communications with the supporter.