Motivation's folding three-wheel design allows easier storage while giving stability over rough terrain

Motivation's folding three-wheel design allows easier storage while giving stability over rough terrain

Motivation's Pioneer Folding wheelchair is an adaptation of our iconic Rough Terrain. Its robust and sturdy three-wheel design provides stability and easy propulsion in muddy, pot-holed or inclined ground. It's easy folding mechanism allows for convenient storage - at home or on public transport.

A large rubber castor wheel at the front and a long wheelbase allows the wheelchair user to propel safely and securely.

It is an active-style wheelchair that can be used by people with a range of mobility disabilities. Large 26" rear wheels are adjustable for safe or active positions, facilitating efficient self-propelling or easy pushing.

The solid, padded backrest folds while its height and angle are adjustable to optimise user function, postural support and comfort. The footrest and seat depth can also be adjusted to suit the user.

Removable arm supports can facilitate pressure relief lifts, transfers and sitting in a rested position. They also protect both the user and the sides of the cushion from mud and dirt.

Motivation's Pioneer Folding is designed for use in urban and semi-urban areas, but can also be used outside over rough ground in rural areas. 

This adult wheelchair includes a pressure relief cushion.

Designed with Motivation’s expert technicians, the Pioneer Folding wheelchair is durable for at least five years of service during normal use, providing it is appropriately maintained.

Key features

Folding, adjustable, solid backrest

Folding, adjustable seat

26" penumatic quick release rear wheels with thick inner tubes

Chrome-plated pushrims

Foot and calf straps supplied

Safe or active rear wheel position options

Height and angle adjustable footplates

Removable armrests

Ergonomically positioned push handles


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