A unique new kit to help tailor seating solutions...

Every wheelchair should be tailored to an individual’s physical, social and environmental needs, but for people who have more complex seating needs they sometimes require additional support and stability to ensure they get the best possible fit.  However in developing countries, postural support devices (PSD) can be difficult to source, expensive and of varying quality, which can mean the wheelchair user might not receive the right seating solution within an acceptable timeframe, impacting negatively on their seating position and subsequent quality of life. 

That’s why we have developed a unique new kit that comprises a range of components that can be attached to a wheelchair in order to help provide the necessary and correct physical support.

The components have all been carefully selected and include everything from lateral trunk and support assemblies, to tray mountings and head rests. Soft components are also included such as straps, cushions and backrest pads.  The kit will also contain a mix of relevant materials such as foam and webbing, simple tools, and the necessary attachment systems that will enable wheelchair services to easily fit and modify PSD to the majority of adult and child wheelchairs found in less resourced settings. Not only will the kit adhere to the PSD solutions outlined in the WHO Intermediate training, but it will also be accompanied by product and assembly instructions that will facilitate the ease with which staff are able to use the kit.

And with around 400 postural interventions at less than $7 each in every PSD Kit, it provides a really flexible and affordable set of components that can be rapidly applied to many different wheelchair brands.

For the wheelchair user it means enhanced support and a tailored fit, which will minimise the risk of secondary health complications caused by poorly fitted wheelchairs such as pressure sores or spinal deformities. For example, children with cerebral palsy often require head support in order to safely eat without inhaling food or drink. This new kit will provide the necessary components for a local wheelchair service to adapt a child’s existing wheelchair to make it safe and more effective, which in turn promotes that child’s health and independence.   

Further information available on request including the PSD Kit assembly manual so contact us today for advice.

Correctly fitted and appropriate postural support devices (PSD) are crucial for ensuring the best possible quality of life for people with a range of disabilities and complex seating needs.