Postural Support Devices (PSDs) ensure the best possible quality of life for people with complex seating needs. 

A unique kit that tailors seating solutions

Every wheelchair should be tailored to an individual’s physical, social and environmental needs. But those with more complex seating needs sometimes require additional support to ensure they get the best possible fit. 

In developing countries, Postural Support Devices (PSDs) can be expensive, difficult to source and of varying quality. This can mean the wheelchair user might not receive the correct seating solution within an acceptable time frame, impacting hugely on their positioning and quality of life. 

So our unique PSD kit is a range of components that can be attached to a wheelchair in order to provide the necessary physical support. These include trunk support, tray mountings, head rests, straps, cushions and backrest pads.

The kit also contains a mix of foam and webbing, simple tools, around 400 postural interventions, and the attachment systems that enable wheelchair services to fit and modify PSDs to the majority of wheelchairs.

For the wheelchair user, it means enhanced support and a tailored fit without the expense and waiting time. It minimises the risk of secondary health complications such as pressure sores or spinal deformities, and allows the wheelchair user to gain independence.

Getting it right

The kit adheres to the PSD solutions outlined in the World Health Organization guidelines, and is accompanied by product and assembly instructions ensuring service staff can use it with ease.

Further information is available on request; contact us with questions or queries on 0117 966 0398 or [email protected].

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