Last year, Preeti became the 25,000th person to receive our iconic Rough Terrain wheelchair.

Preeti received her Motivation wheelchair last year, making her the 25,000th Rough Terrain user. We caught up with her at her home in India to ask how it has made a difference.

My name is Preeti and I live in India with my family. Nearly five years ago, I fell from a balcony and suffered multiple fractures. At the hospital, they confirmed my lower limbs are paralysed.

I had an operation to insert a rod into my spine then, after a month in hospital, I returned home where I lay in bed for forty eight days. My confidence was low; I thought that because my limbs wouldn’t work, my brain wouldn't work either.

After the accident everything changed; I became dependent and felt negative.

After a couple of months, I got a very basic wheelchair. I was afraid to sit on it as I could not feel my body and felt like I was swimming in the air! My doctor said it was not good for me because I could not modify the armrests or footrests, and within fifteen minutes of using it I got very tired.

Then last year, I got this Motivation wheelchair. They told me it was a special wheelchair: the 25,000th Rough Terrain!

I like this one much more because I have a more upright sitting position. The previous one was saggy and I felt like I had been dumped in it! For this one, they measured my sitting position and adapted parts like the foot drop.

Previously I could fall backwards so I was scared most of the time. Now, I can control it better because I was given mobility skills training. I feel much safer and this wheelchair drives easily with little effort – it feels like a racing wheelchair!

To some, a woman in a wheelchair is like an alien. But I can cope with this because I feel confident - I accept that some people have different perspectives. I’ve gone from being an alien to celebrating my wheelchair because people notice me now! They say “Preeti you don’t look like a disabled person!” – but why should I look like a disabled person?!

My father told me I can do anything.

After my accident, I had to learn how to transfer from wheelchair to bed, how to sit upright, and how to avoid pressure sores. My whole family has helped me with all these things - they never lost hope and that’s why I didn’t either. My father told me that I can do anything. He told me not to give up. After looking into my parents' eyes, I decided to concentrate on positive thoughts; I realised there is no point holding on to anger and irritation.

I love to create arts and crafts, and write poems. These help me to avoid negative thoughts. I also teach some of my neighbours' children. Recently, I have completed a diploma so I can apply for employment as a primary school teacher.

I have made the journey from fear and tears, to sitting confidently in a wheelchair.

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Preeti's strength and determination is astounding. And there are many more like her who could transform their lives with the help of Motivation wheelchair.

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