"When you are moving in this chair, you feel you are someone to be respected."  Benson, Uganda

A robust 3 wheel design providing stability and easy propulsion...

Benson is a proud independent man, but his life was turned upside down when he was involved in a car accident, which left him unable to use his legs. After two months in hospital, he returned home fearful for his future. He knew nothing about his injury or how to manage it so that he could regain his independence.

As well as receiving support and advice through one of Motivation’s Peer Group Training courses, Benson was fitted with a Rough Terrain wheelchair. Together these two things have transformed Benson’s life.

“This chair makes me feel good because now I am able to access every place I want to go. There is very little tarmac road here. When you are going to the village, like when you are going to my home, there is mud and sand only. The roads are not smooth; that is the problem I had with my old chair. But this one is better – the best so far. Three wheels is better because with four wheels it was hard for me to move.”

The Rough Terrain is probably Motivation’s most well-known and iconic wheelchair

The simplicity of the design and decision to use just three wheels has made all the difference. It is robust enough to withstand the environment Benson lives in, in Uganda and because of the extra wheel it provides stability and allows Benson to propel himself over uneven ground.

“This chair is very good - it is very fast and it is comfortable; it also looks nice to sit on. It is very easy to push, even tipping. When you get any obstacle the way you are going, you can tip and can just pass.”

Today Benson is helping other people who have suffered a spinal cord injury, working as a peer trainer himself, and a wheelchair basketball coach.

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