"My best days are ahead of me. I am changing from a caterpillar and flying like a butterfly!"

The iconic three-wheeler

The Rough Terrain is Motivation's most well-known and iconic wheelchair.

Throughout the developing world, disabled people are often unable to get around their homes and communities because of the uneven ground they are built on. Traditional wheelchair designs can be difficult to propel and vulnerable to tipping or becoming stuck.

But for Motivation, the decision to use a three wheel design has made all the difference. The Rough Terrain wheelchair is robust and the third wheel provides stability and easy propulsion.  

Stability, mobility and independence

Richard was working at an engineering firm when he fell and broke his back. He was left paralysed and everything changed.

As a proud man, Richard found it very difficult to accept he would not be able to walk again, return to work or provide for his family. He was devastated when his family had to move to a smaller, more affordable home.

In his new surroundings, Richard was unable to move around on his own. His wheelchair was simply not suitable for the uneven ground in his home and community. He felt isolated and alone, and his confidence was crushed.

But now that Richard has received a Rough Terrain wheelchair, he is feeling more positive about the future.

“My best days are ahead of me,” he told us. “I feel empowered. I am changing from a caterpillar and flying like a butterfly! I am living my life now that I have processed my pain and depression.”

With his new freedom and independence, Richard has trained to be a psychologist and is thinking of owning his own practice. He is confident enough to concentrate on the future.

“My scars have turned into stars,” he said. “My family and I don’t see disability; we see opportunity. I am now looking outwards at possibilities, and I am fulfilled and more social.”

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 Photo © Matt Grayson