With the help of his Rough Terrain, Sadiki has rebuilt his life and returned to the livelihood he loves as a baker.

Although Uganda is relatively peaceful now, Sadiki remembers the civil conflict that took his mobility. Out driving one day, he was ambushed and sustained a serious spinal cord injury that left him paralysed from the waist down.

It took seven months of treatment until Sadiki was finally ready to be discharged from hospital. He was given a heavy, unsuitable wheelchair and went to live with his parents and brother.

When my parents denied me food, I wanted to die.

At the time when he needed them the most, they refused to accept his disability .They turned their backs on him, treating him as an outsider, and even stopped giving him food. When he hadn’t eaten for four days, Sadiki knew he had to leave. He was heartbroken.

Determined to get to a hospital, Sadiki pushed himself over uneven ground for seven kilometres before taking shelter under a bush. He was exhausted, hopeless and ready to give up. But a friend found him, and organised a vehicle to take him to find help.

Sadiki has not had contact with his family since that day and is still devastated that they rejected him.

Sadly, this is not uncommon; in countries like Uganda, discrimination and stigma remains rife. Many disabled people find themselves abandoned and excluded from their families and communities.

Now I feel good…I am doing something for my survival.

But today, Sadiki is rebuilding his life. He was fitted with a Motivation Rough Terrain wheelchair, enabling him to get around on his own with ease.

“The other wheelchair was very hard to use,” he told us. “But this one is fast and pushing it is easy! Because of this wheelchair, I am able to go and see friends and do other things – so I am happy!”

Today, Sadiki is married and lives with his wife near the hospital.

What’s more, he has been able to restart his once successful baking business and is proud to be able to earn a living to support himself. He bakes doughnuts and bread that he sells in his village, and is an accepted and popular member of the community.

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