After six months in hospital, the doctors told her she’d never walk – or even sit up – again. She took their words as a challenge...

When Sangeeta fell off a roof 15 years ago, she sustained a spinal cord injury that changed her life forever.

After six months in hospital, the doctors told her she’d never walk – or even sit up – again. She was discharged without a wheelchair and sent home to her husband with no mobility.

Sangeeta was devastated. She struggled to come to terms with her lack of independence and was distraught that she could not return to work as a teacher – a job which she loved.

I took the doctors’ words as a challenge…

So she decided to prove the doctors wrong and, with the help of her family, she started a rigorous treatment and exercise plan. Sure enough, after a year of hard work, she sat up.

“After one year of working very hard at all the exercises, I was able to sit without support,” Sangeeta told us. “I now have limited feeling in my legs; I can walk with some support.”

Although her health was much improved, Sangeeta’s mobility remained very limited. She started to use a wheelchair, but it was not suitable for the uneven ground in her village. Although she was mobile in her home, she could not get outside to meet up with her parents, visit the bank or spend time with friends.

I do not earn a lot but I am happy…

A few years ago, Sangeeta met staff from Motivation. She attended an assessment and wheelchair fitting, and shortly afterwards, received a brand new Rough Terrain wheelchair.

Since then, her life has been transformed.

“I am now a private tutor of maths, English, Hindi and Punjabi, and I love it,” Sangeeta explained. “I teach 32 children in my home, who are here all week.”

Sangeeta told us she does not earn a lot of money, but she is happy to be able to teach children who come from poor backgrounds. Her wheelchair means she can move around independently, and she actually leaves her home twice a day to discuss the children’s studies with their parents.

“The new wheelchair has meant the number of students I have has increased – I can have face-to-face contact with parents about their children. I hope that I can continue to increase the numbers in my class, though if I am too successful my landlord may increase my rent!”

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Motivation’s Rough Terrain wheelchair gave Sangeeta the freedom and opportunity to return to teaching – a profession she truly loves. You can help more disabled people like Sangeeta receive their life-changing wheelchairs by making a donation today.