"Motivation peer trainers helped me not to feel alone. We support one another."

Shamimu lives in eastern Tanzania with her four children. When she was 21 years old, a serious car accident took her ability to walk and life became a real challenge.

Shamimu's disability left her unable to work. Her husband left home to find employment that could support the whole family and alone with the children, Shamimu started to rely on her neighbours for everything. For a while, Shamimu's neighbours were happy to help but before long, they started to view her as a burden and grew tired of her continued asks for money.

With support from the community fading away, Shamimu's financial worries grew worse. She couldn't afford to buy enough food for everyone, and had to pull all four of her children out of school. What's more, she regularly had to pay to travel to her local hospital to have her catheter changed.

"I don't feel I have a disability but the community think differently," she told us back then. "And we are struggling. We can't pay the rent and the landlord has threatened to evict us. I have no idea what we'll do. None of us have eaten since yesterday."

Motivation peer trainers helped me not to feel alone. We support one another.

Shamimu spiralled into a deep depression. She told us she felt alone and had given up; she considered taking her own life. And that's when she met Motivation and her life changed for the better.

Motivation peer trainers started to visit Shamimu in the hospital and at her home. As wheelchair users themselves, they not only gave her friendship and emotional support, but were able to provide essential guidance and share personal stories.

They taught Shamimu daily stretches and exercises that helped her to stay healthy and mobile. They taught her how to prevent dangerous pressure sores and breathing problems too. They were even able to show her how to change her own catheter so she no longer had to spend money on costly trips to hospital.

I need something to keep us going. I want to start up a small business.

Our peer trainers' advice helped Shamimu to view herself differently, enabled her to regain her confidence and empowered her to take back control of her life. Her attitude towards life has changed and she is looking towards a positive future with her family.

"Since Motivation peer training, I have learnt the importance of daily stretching, how to manage my bladder and how to change my catheter myself. I am very happy for this - it is a huge relief," Shamimu said.

"Before the accident, I used to cook snacks like chapatti and samosas so I'd like to do this again. I need something to keep us going. I want to start up a small business."

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