Moti Go

Now, he can get out and see the sun. We are so happy; we could not have paid for this wheelchair ourselves.

As well as essential postural support, the Moti Go features a removable tray to help with meal times, school activities and play. This makes all the difference to disabled children like Jereld, ensuring they can be included and given the best possible start in life.

When you buy a Gift in Motion, you will receive a gift card through the post. We can send this to you with the message left blank so you can personalise it and send it on to a loved one. Alternatively, we can send it straight to your friend or family member on your behalf. If you would like it to be delivered directly to your loved one, please enter their address into the 'Delivery address' field on the check out page. Add their name and your message to them in the 'Additional delivery information' box.

Standard delivery: 5 - 7 working days

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