“I was sometimes unable to attend school because of my disability. My parents encouraged me to find work which I could do so I learnt how to sew on a machine."

When Shree was just a child, she contracted polio which took away her ability to walk.  Although others may have isolated or abandoned Shree because of her disability, her parents loved her dearly and supported her in everything she did. They encouraged her to find something that would enable her to work so she could be independent as an adult.

I have been sewing all my life. I can make dresses from any material.

I was sometimes unable to attend school because of my disability,” Shree told us. “My parents encouraged me to find work which I could do so I learnt how to sew on a machine. My teacher was very good which meant that I learnt very quickly. Not only was I taught the machine work but also the essential handiwork like sewing on buttons.”

Even though Shree had skills, her life was tough without a wheelchair. She was not able to move around alone, could not get into her town to visit the shops, and was unable to earn an income. What’s more, she missed out on a social life, leaving her lonely and depressed.

But now, with the help of a Motivation wheelchair, Shree sews dresses to sell as well as teaching other people how to make clothes. Her income allows her to take care of herself but also to care for her aging parents.

“I mostly teach women who have finished their studies but cannot find paid work,” Shree said. “At the moment, three of them are disabled too. Whilst I am teaching, I sit on the floor with the students around me. They can then see how I do the cutting and stitching. But I do my own work sitting in my wheelchair as it is much more comfortable.  My chair is also essential when I am looking at my students’ work.”

The wheelchair is essential… it helps me get around and see my friends.

Shree’s wheelchair also enables her to be part of her community – something that is incredibly important to her.

 “The wheelchair is essential for my mobility,” Shree said. “It helps me get around the temples and see my friends.”

With her new-found mobility, Shree is able to look after herself and those around her. She makes food for herself every morning, with enough left over for anyone who may visit. She can also join her friends and family at temple, where she can practice her singing. During religious festivals, her wheelchair means she can visit neighbouring villages to sing too.

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