Shree Lakshmi lives in Andra Pradesh in Northern India. Having contracted Polio as a child, she has been unable to walk for most of her life.

 A deeply spiritual and selfless woman, Shree Lakshmi’s faith is incredibly important to her. Each morning, she prepares food not just for herself, but also for visitors and by way of an offering to the Gods.

However, Lakshmi was unable to participate in her spirituality as fully as she would have liked, and she often felt frustrated as she continued to miss ceremonies and meetings, as she could not physically leave her own home independently without a wheelchair.

Now though, Shree’s Motivation wheelchair means that she no longer has to live her life on the side lines, and can sing and pray each day at the temple with her friends and family.

“The wheelchair is essential for my mobility so that I can get around the temples to carry out the programmes with my friends”

Shree financially supports herself and her parents through her work as a seamstress:

“I have been sewing all of my adult life. I learnt on a machine and how to set up the machine. My teacher helped me to learn very quickly. Not only was I taught the machine work but also the handwork such as sewing on buttons.”

Knowing all too well the barriers and difficulties in accessing work and education as a disabled woman, Shree passes on her skills by teaching others how to sew so they too can begin to generate an income:

“Whilst I was learning I sometimes was unable to also attend school because of my disability. My parents were concerned for me to find work which I could do. At the moment I teach three disabled students. They are women who have finished their studies and have no work. I teach the students so that they can also earn some money and have a livelihood. I get a lot of satisfaction from that.”

A new wheelchair can cost as little as £140 and can have a huge impact not only on individuals like Shree, but on their surrounding communities. support us to get more wheelchairs to people who need them.