Since 1991, our wheelchairs, training and products have reached 120 countries and helped many thousands of people. 

A comfortable four-wheeler, ideal for temporary use...

For individuals who require a wheelchair on a short term basis, the Standing Folding is ideal. It enables people to maintain their mobility and go about their daily business. Whether that's getting back to work after an accident or using a wheelchair on a temporary basis.

In developing countries it is estimated that 75% of people who experience a spinal cord injury will die within 18 months. This is a shocking and unnecessary statistic that can be prevented if the right wheelchair is prescribed and fitted in the right way. We work closely with a number of hospitals and clinics to raise awareness of the need for appropriate wheelchair provision and this means helping them to understand how to get the basics right, such as ensuring the correct size of chair is provided, and that good quality cushions are used. This in turn prevents pressure sores from developing and ensures that postural support is sufficient.

The Standard Folding, despite being our most basic wheelchair, meets these standards and is an appropriate wheelchair to help individuals regain their mobility, become active within their communities and start to re-build their lives.


To find out more about the Standard Folding wheelchair, you can download our product brochure or call a member of the team on 01179 660 398 for advice.

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