“Since my Motivation wheelchair arrived, my life has changed.”

Back in 2004, Subbaraydu and his wife got married and bought a small house where they could raise their family. Life was good for the couple, but their luck changed quickly and their lives changed forever.

The same year as they got married, the tsunami came and destroyed their home. Although their house was ruined, Subbaraydu was working in agriculture and managed to save up enough money to rebuild it.

Then just a few years later, he fell from a tamarind tree at work and was left with a severe spinal cord injury.

At times, I thought of taking my own life.

Subbaraydu was sent home after a month in hospital but his injury took over two years to heal.

He was given a plastic wheelchair which was painful to sit in and unsuitable for the terrain around his home. Unable to get around, he started to spend all his time in bed and quickly developed pressure sores that became infected.

He was lonely, isolated and reliant on his wife to do everything for him. He sank into depression and considered taking his own life.

Then Laila came and we lost all our belongings.

Subbaraydu’s bad luck continued when Cylcone Laila arrived, and their home was devastated for the second time.

Unable to work, Subbaraydu had no money and still had medical expenses to pay. The prospect of building yet another home seemed almost impossible and because of this, his wife decided to leave.

Subbaraydu’s mother started to care for him instead.

I decided to rise to the challenge of my disability.

But before long, Subbaraydu was given a Motivation Rough Terrain wheelchair. Staff spoke to him about his disability and all the things he would still be able to do, and he instantly became more motivated.

“My Motivation wheelchair is very comfortable,” Subbaraydu told us. “It made me happier straight away. I am now able to meet my neighbours and be more socially integrated. I can even go to the sandy places in my local area! (Though on some of the tracks, my friends and family have to give me a push.) My pressure-relieving cushion means I can sit in my chair for a long time without getting sores.”

I am very happy to have met you; I am happier thanks to Motivation.

Now that Subbaraydu has regained his independence, him and his mother are both able to work. Subbaraydu does farm labouring when he can, and his mother runs a small village shop.

“Life is much better now I am no longer spending my days lying in bed,” Subbaraydu explained. “I am very happy to have met you and that you have come to my house. I now have fewer problems and I am happier thanks to Motivation.”

Help Motivation provide more wheelchairs

Motivation’s Rough Terrain wheelchair is our most iconic design. Its simplicity and the decision to use three wheels instead of four has made all the difference to people like Subbaraydu, who live in rural environments. The extra wheel provides stability so that Subbaraydu can propel himself over sandy, uneven ground.

So far, our Rough Terrain wheelchair has given freedom and confidence to over 25,000 people around the world. But, from India to Uganda, Kenya to Sri Lanka, there are hundreds more disabled people waiting to start living life to the full.

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