"It's all about the positive changes... I want him to be independent and I want him to have no worries."

"It's all about the positive changes," Susan told us after attending Motivation parent carer training. “I hope to take Kim to school to learn how to count, read and write... I want him to be independent and I want him to have no worries."

When Susan’s son Kim was three years old, he contracted malaria which caused a stroke. He lost movement in his leg and his ability to speak. The family could not accept his disability; they told Susan that she was being cursed with a disabled child and cut all ties with them both.

Without tolerance from her community, Susan felt isolated and depressed. Without help from her friends and family, she struggled to look after Kim and eventually lost her job. Without any hope for their future, she decided to take Kim and relocate so they could have a fresh start.

Before long, the pair met staff from Motivation and their lives changed forever. Susan attended a parent carer training session that helped her to understand that she was not to blame for Kim's disability. She learnt about Kim’s rights and ways to ensure that he wouldn’t be excluded from his community again. She also had support with the practical side of caring for him, helping her realise the importance of posture and enabling her to build his strength through exercise.

At the end of the course, Susan told us the training gave her the knowledge she needed to change life for herself and Kim. Kim is making impressive progress and is now able to get dressed on his own. Susan has joined a savings scheme set up by Motivation, and has now saved enough money to buy a small plot of land. She says she will build a home for Kim there, so he has somewhere to live when she is no longer around.

"It's all about positive changes," she told us. "When I get some money, I spend some on the house and save some as well. I want Kim to be independent and I want him to have no worries."

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