"The training changed my life, I learned to accept life as it comes" - Tariro, Zimbabwe

Tariro lives in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe with both her parents. Her father is a pensioner and her mother is working. She was left with a spinal cord injury after being involved in a road traffic accident.

After the injury all my dreams were shattered as I could not continue with my schooling because of the disability and I felt demotivated. I spent all my time at home confined to my bed with the hope and trust that one day I will walk as per the Doctors’ assurance.  My boyfriend and other closest friends deserted me after realising that the accident left me disabled. 

Before receiving support from Motivation, Tariro found it difficult to adapt and spent all her time at home alone. She felt hopeless, and as if she was becoming a burden to her family.

After Motivation visited Tariro, she began to gain back her confidence and realised that "there is life after injury."

Tariro is now very proud of her wheelchair and the independence it has given her. Her quality of life has improved and she is able to go to school by herself and give presentations in class. Her home life has also improved, as she can now do her house chores independently.

The wheelchair is super and I am so excited to be able to use my wheelchair independently.   My quality of life has improved as I am back to school now pursuing a diploma in marketing at a local college.  When propelling myself to school I have the confidence and able to do class presentation during the presence of my lecturer.  At home I am able to do my house chores alone with my “shevron” chair as I call it. 

Tariro has also been on a Motivation training course which helped her to grow in confidence and learn everyday skills, as well as make new friends.

The training changed my life, I learned to accept life as it comes. I learned skills for my everyday life like wheelchair skills, transfers skills, bladder and bowel management to mention a few.  It was all about independent living and managing one’s health and getting empowered and motivated on how other peers were giving their testimonies.  Before the training I needed help always but thereafter I developed an attitude of “do it for myself.” I felt better with my new friends I met at the Motivation training camp because we spoke the same language.  

Tariro was an A level student prior to her accident and is now studying marketing at a local college. She hopes to be a marketing manager in the future, and she also has ambitions to become a Motivation Peer Trainer so she can share her knowledge and enthusiasm with other disabled people who need support.

Support us to help more people like Tariro to live life to the fullest with the right wheelchair, the right way.