Since receiving his Rough Terrain wheelchair, Timothy has been able to attend school every day.

Timothy was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy when he was ten years old. The pain in his joints and waist meant that walking was a challenge, and he struggled to get around on his own.

Timothy’s father Samson told us that he initially bought a motorbike to help Timothy get to school, but it was too expensive for the family to keep. After that, Timothy’s friends would carry him to and from school on a plastic chair.

Timothy was unhappy. He struggled without his independence, and felt forgotten on the days that his friends could not pick him up. He missed a lot of lessons and began to feel hopeless about the future.

I feel okay – my mind is free.

But in 2013, Timothy’s life changed for good when he received his first Motivation wheelchair. The Rough Terrain helped him to travel over the uneven ground in his community, and allowed him to get to school with ease. He started to gain confidence in himself.

“A lot has changed since I received my wheelchair; I don’t feel pain anymore,” he told us. “Before I got it, I was crawling. But my new wheelchair makes me able to do a lot of things that I was not able to do before. Now I can take myself to classes and don’t have to worry about school. My favourite subject is mathematics – when I grow up I want to become a bursar.”

Samson is delighted with his son’s progress and is very happy to see him socialising with children in the neighbourhood. He told us that Timothy’s three best friends push him around school and make sure he gets home each day. He says they watch a lot of football together.

“I support Manchester United,” Timothy told us.

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