Hand powered tricycles and clip on attachments...

Receiving an appropriate wheelchair that enables you to regain your independence is just the start for some. Once they've built their confidence and understand their rights, many of the people we come into contact with aspire to do more. Securing employment, and being able to provide for the family is an important goal for many. But often opportunities are not always on your doorstep. That's why we developed a range of tricycles, which enable wheelchair users to travel longer distances.

At the same time we have produced a quick release attachment that converts our Rough Terrain into a tricycle. This unique attachment can be clipped on and off with minimum effort, allowing users to instantly transform their wheelchair to a tricycle, in order to travel greater distances while exerting less effort.

Meet Anton...

Anton lives in Sri Lanka and suffered a spinal cord injury in a bomb explosion ten years ago. He's faced many challenges since then, but thanks to his Motivation wheelchair and clip-on trike earning an income is no longer one of them. After being fitted with one of our Rough Terrain wheelchairs, Anton secured a job as a trained orthopaedic technician at a local clinic.

When I received a wheelchair from Motivation, my life totally changed

His story doesn't end there. The following year Anton was transfered to work in a hospital 10 km away from his home. Unable to drive, Anton was determined to continue in his job and received a clip-on trike attachment for his wheelchair. With the ability to make the daily commute, Anton is able to hold down his job and bring in a much needed income for his family of six.

Motivation helped me to overcome my barriers

Our hand propelled, clip-on trike attachment has proven particularly popular in Zimbabwe, enabling people to turn their wheelchair into a mode of transport to take themselves to work. You can see it in action here!

Learn more about our Tricycle and the clip on trike attachment in our product brochure or call us on 01179 660 398 to talk to a member of the team for advice.

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