"Motivation helped me overcome my barriers."

Hand-powered and clip-on

For some disabled people, getting a wheelchair that enables them to regain their basic independence is just the start. Once they've built their confidence and have a grasp of their rights, many of the people we support aspire to do more.

Getting into employment, contributing to society and being able to provide for the family is an important goal for many adults. For children and young people, just being able to attend school is absolutely vital.

But often, opportunities are a long way from home. That's why we developed a tricycle that enable wheelchair users to travel longer distances with less effort.

At the same time, we have produced a quick-release trike attachment that converts our Rough Terrain into a tricycle.

Meet Jasmeen and Farhanaj

Jasmeen and her sister Farhanaj have under-developed legs. Without appropriate wheelchairs, they used to be completely dependent on their family to get around. Although both girls are bright, creative and full of potential, their parents were reluctant for them to go to school. It was just too difficult to get them there and took too long. This valuable time could be better spent earning money to support the family.

But with the support of the girls' headteacher, their father began to see the value in their education. Shortly afterwards, they were referred to a local wheelchair service and received brand new Motivation tricycles.

The hospital called me and my sister, measured us and then prepared the tricycles. Then I could come to school! I have a good feeling with this chair!

Our hand-powered tricycles were perfect for Jasmeen and Farhanaj. They are designed to cope with rough terrain and uneven road surfaces, and have a built-in carrier for the girls' school bags.

They have made a huge and immediate difference to family life and have crucially enabled both sisters to continue their vital education.

"Now, they go to school by themselves," their father told us. "They are more comfortable and independent, and can even help with the business."

Motivation helped me to overcome my barriers.

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