"Pressure relief cushions are vital - they keep people healthy and mobile. When Motivation first started working in Bangladesh, we set ourselves the task of designing a cushion for a fraction of the price of ones we had seen in the UK, without compromising on performance." Richard Frost, Motivation

$18 where available (excluding delivery and taxes)

A simple, low-cost solution that saves lives...

Many wheelchair users cannot feel pressure building and do not have the mobility to relieve it without assistance. Without a pressure relief cushion, they are vulnerable to life-threatening pressure ulcers. That's why a good quality pressure relief cushion is an essential part of any everyday wheelchair - in fact, it's so important, that we never provide a wheelchair without one.

Working with local partners we've learned that they find it difficult to find a quality cushion that can be quickly and easily fitted to a range of different wheelchairs and wheelchair users.

Our contoured Universal Cushion is specially designed to fit most slung-seat wheelchairs - those both locally produced and imported. It can be easily cut to size and provides a supportive and comfortable seating position and skin protection for people at risk of pressure sores.

Learn more about the Universal Cushion here or contact us for advice.