Warda, 27, is a physiotherapist in Kenya, who completed Wheelchair Service Training with Motivation in 2019.

“Before the training, I had a lot of challenges in providing basic and intermediate wheelchair services. My main challenges were to conduct appropriate assessment of the users. During my training as a physiotherapist we had not covered appropriate wheelchairs services in detail.

“Now I know before prescribing [a wheelchair], I have to put into consideration the users’ needs and the environment [in which the wheelchair will] be used. The trainings have helped me to provide appropriate wheelchair services as per World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. I have learnt how to assess, fit and train wheelchair users. I have also learnt how to do proper follow up of the wheelchair users.

“My quality of services has greatly improved. I have been able to do proper assessment and fitting. I have
seen wheelchair users appreciate the services that I provide and that motivates me to continue providing
quality wheelchair services.

Warda, a physiotherapist from Kenya

It makes me feel so happy when I see improvement of quality of life of wheelchair users after getting a good fitting wheelchair

COVID-19 has affected my way of working because as therapist you are supposed to work on your patients hands on but due to the pandemic I was forced to work from home hence the quality of my service was been affected."

When COVID-19 struck Kenya in March, the government quickly imposed a strict lockdown. Wheelchair services across the country were halted. People in desperate need of appropriate wheelchairs, were left on waiting lists and stuck using old, heavy wheelchairs, or even none at all. 

With your help, Motivation will be able to support wheelchair services in Kenya to rebuild. They will supply 850 disabled people with wheelchairs that fit properly and are easy to propel, over the next 12 months. And by training more specialists like Warda, life-changing wheelchairs will be available for disabled people for years to come. 

Will you donate today to help train more specialists like Warda?