Jane knows  that a badly fitted wheelchair can do her more harm than good.

A badly fitted wheelchair can do more harm than good

Following a car accident, Jane spent a year in hospital where she had eight screws put in her back. She kept hoping she would fully recover, and it wasn’t until she was discharged that she realised she would never walk again.

When she left hospital, she was told to buy herself a wheelchair. The one she bought was far too big for her and, without training, it was very difficult to use.

“It was uncomfortable and had no cushion,” Jane told us. “It gave me backache, pressure sores and breathing problems.”

Unable to keep herself healthy and mobile, Jane spent her days in bed and quickly developed depression.

But when Jane met Motivation, her life was completely transformed. She received an appropriate wheelchair that was perfectly fitted. She was given a life-saving pressure-relieving cushion and was taught the importance of correct posture.

One size doesn’t fit all – we’re passionate about getting it right

Training wheelchair service providers to prescribe and fit each wheelchair to the individual is an important part of our approach. We’ve worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) to develop training packages for this very purpose.

We now deliver this training to organisations around the globe, as well as providing support and mentoring for wheelchair services. Together, we are driving standards up and making sure more people like Jane get the right wheelchair in the right way.

Making a wheelchair fit somebody properly isn’t always straightforward.

It can often mean making modifications to the width or backrest of the wheelchair, or even cutting the seat cushion to fit the person’s body shape. That’s why, alongside the WHO training courses, we also provide technical support to wheelchair services.

If you would like more information about our training courses for wheelchair services providers, please contact us on 0117 966 0398 or [email protected]

The right wheelchair in the right way

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