Gevinah knows from experience that a badly fitted wheelchair can do her daughter more harm than good…

The wrong wheelchair can do more harm than good.

Masika’s old wheelchair used to give her pressure sores. It was so big that it didn’t support her posture, making it difficult for her to breathe and damaging her spine. Even without the health complications, the size of the wheelchair seriously limited Masika and Gevinah’s independence – they couldn’t travel for more than a few feet before Masika began sliding out of the seat and onto the ground.

One size doesn’t fit all – we’re passionate about getting it right.

Training and supporting wheelchair service providers to individually prescribe and fit each wheelchair is a crucial part of our mission and we’ve worked with the World Health Organization to develop training packages for this very purpose. We now deliver this training to organisations around the globe, as well as providing ongoing support and mentoring for wheelchair services. Together, we are driving up standards and making sure more people like Masika get the right wheelchair, in the right way – so they can stay healthy, get mobile and be independent.

Making a wheelchair fit somebody properly isn’t always straightforward. It can often mean making modifications to the wheelchair, such as adjusting the width and backrest, or even cutting the seat cushion to fit the person’s body shape. That’s why, alongside the World Health Organization training courses, we also provide technical support to wheelchair services.

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Not just any wheelchair - the right wheelchair, in the right way.