As the lights fade on the 2020 Toyko Games, and the #Wethe15 human rights campaign is launched to end discrimination for disabled people, it has fuelled the continuing discussion about the limits of inclusion in both elite mainstream sport and disability sport as a whole. 

Five nations joined the Paralympics this year, bringing the total of participating countries to a new total of 164, which while something to celebrate, others might argue that much more could be done to create a level playing field for teams from countries with poorer economies, or among athletes with different disabilities.  

Is disability sport inclusive and accessible to all?  Or a privilege enjoyed by a few?

Listen to our panel event bringing together athletes and global sports representatives to discuss and debate barriers to participation and give their perspective on how we can build more inclusive participation for the future.  

Chaired by TV and radio broadcaster and sports journalist, Jordan Jarrett-Bryan, our panellists share their experience of disability sports and their ideas for building greater diversity and inclusion. 

Image of Jordan Jarrett-BryanJordan is joined by the following panellists

Sulayman Colley  - President of the Gambia Paralympic Committee

Memory Kahlari - Development worker at the Namibian Paralympic Committee

Craig Carscadden (MBE) - CEO of the Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association (CPISRA) 

Madhavi Latha Prathigudupu - Former National Paralympic Swimming Champion for India

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