“With this wheelchair, life is as normal as can be. I seek no-one’s help - I am as independent as any able-bodied person." Marvelous

The right wheelchair in the right way

The economic downturn in Zimbabwe and rampant inflation has had a huge impact on the availability and affordability of wheelchairs, leaving many disabled people trapped in their homes and unable to get out and find work at a time when it is most needed.

There are long waiting lists for wheelchairs in Zimbabwe, and most of those available are distributed without proper assessment, causing potentially life-threatening complications, such as infections and ulcers.

Our latest work

Over the years we have given training to a number of organisations in Zimbabwe, showing staff how to assess and prescribe wheelchairs that fit the individual properly and keep them healthy. Now we’re supporting these organisations as they put their skills into practice and provide wheelchairs for over 300 men and women in the Harare and Bulawayo regions.

Our hand propelled, clip-on trike attachment has proved particularly popular in Zimbabwe, enabling people to turn their wheelchair into a mode of transport and take themselves to work.

Our work in Zimbabwe was made possible in 2017 thanks to the generous support of The Christadelphian Meal-a-Day Fund UK.

See the trike in action: